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What manager would you like to be?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

What kind of manager would you like to have or be and how would you recognize it in your hands?

Let me ask you a question: Are you happy with your work? Do you arrive every morning at your office with energy and excitement or from the moment you arrive in the morning you begin the countdown towards the end of the working day?

In an article published in The Telegraph newspaper in England in September 2015, more than 60% of Britons are dissatisfied with their place of work or profession and want to make a change.

One of the reasons for this discouraging statistic is dissatisfaction with work and not just about working conditions, such as salaries or bonuses. In an article published in the same newspaper in 2013, respondents said that the main component of job satisfaction was the quality of the social relationship with co-workers and their direct manager. 42% of employees said that their level of motivation is determined by how they get along with their co-workers in the workplace. 22% said that what affects their motivation at work is the attitude they receive from their direct superior, and 22% said that the level of control and authority given to them at work has a greater influence on motivation.

It turns out that salary and conditions are only the first obstacle and not the main way to find the job of your dreams, and the most important component is what kind of manager you have and what freedom gives you in the performance of your work.

The chemistry with the direct manager and the level of contact with him will often determine how satisfied he will be with his work and the level of production that you and his team have, the perseverance in the position and the level of rotation in the team.

And you know what is the most surprising? Let your hand tell you exactly what manager you have and what your character and abilities are to motivate you or make your life miserable.

As a personal behavior advisor who evaluates candidates for management positions in companies in Israel and abroad, I find managers of all kinds: there are people with an ego in heaven and an excessive self-confidence who think that the Bible has a fundamental error and that God really did not create the world alone, but together with them. Or those who have little confidence in themselves that can sometimes be channeled into indecisive behavior when it comes to making decisions, or, on the contrary, a tyrannical and autocratic behavior that hides insecurity.

There are managers who are very sensitive to their employees and their needs, and some are hard people who can only act from the head, without exercising emotion and human empathy. There are managers with a lot of energy to implement their ideas and can support every word they say, and some have many ideas but do not really have the strength to work hard, which often creates frustration.

A few weeks ago I was invited to conduct an evaluation for a candidate for the position of team leader in a large company in the center of the country. As part of the evaluation, I need to determine if the candidate will be suitable to perform the job from a broad perspective of work suitability, personal compatibility with their direct manager, character and relevant skills for the job (intelligence, integrity, managerial skills, communication skills , and more).

The main tool I use to make the diagnosis is a quirologic analysis: a personal diagnosis of palms. To make a complete diagnosis, three components are required: 1. To physically see the person's hand. 2. Feel the contact with the texture of the palm. 3. Make an ink impression of the palm to see patterns that can not be identified just by looking at the palm of the hand with the naked eyes.

The palm diagnosis will reveal the strong qualities of the candidate, their weaknesses and how to work with the weaknesses to maximize the potential of the candidate.

The impression of the hand you see here is the handprint of the candidate for the role of team leader of about 30 years. His hand reveals that he is a positive person (an Apollo line that comes out below the ring finger), with great emotion and ability to give (long line of the heart), the ability to turn ideas into actions (long lifeline), the ability to persevere. Other components that can not be seen in the hand print but only in contact with the palm are its flexibility in work, generosity, the ability to listen to others and more.

This candidate was found suitable for me according to the needs of the position and today she works in the company with great success. As soon as your direct manager takes into account the shortcomings of the candidate, in this case it is difficult to withstand great pressure conditions, and assign hierarchical tasks without unnecessary stress, your success will be assured.

And what about you? What kind of manager will make you come every morning to work with a smile and what manager will make you curse the day you received the job?

I wish you an incredible year of fulfillment

,good work and happiness.

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