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Meghan Markle, actress or duchess? A Chirology Analysis of Her Personality

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Who Are you Meghan Markle?

By Leonardo Daniel – Psycho-Diagnostic Chirology Expert

Megan Markle, an actress in the past and Duchess of the present, and of course Prince Harry's wife, has created a lot of controversy regarding her influence on the Prince and their decision to leave the palace. From her photographs, a basic analysis of her personality can be performed, based on what one sees in her hand palms, with the help of the science of Chirology.

The analysis shows that Markel lives in two parallel worlds:

1. The outside world is the world of her aspirations, outward visibility, and adherence to her goals without looking sideways

2. Her inner world is much more fragile, sensitive, and insecure.

Both of these worlds are not so connected within her, creating difficult internal conflicts, changing moods and emotional disconnect. Important to mention, most of the photographs were taken from a distance with low precision of the small details of the hand, so I will only focus on clearly identifiable parameters and ignore elements that can be misleading due to the hand position or the quality of the photograph.

Social vs. Personal - Different behavior in every space

Markel behaves differently in the social environment from the personal one. Her right hand differs in some elements from the left, which means that her expression towards the outside world is different from what happens within closed doors. Or in other words, the way the media experiences Megan Markel is very different from the way she behaves towards her husband, for example.

Intellectual and mood-prone - The long fingers and thin and rectangular hand indicate that she is an intellectual, creative woman, and more in search for the bread for the soul than materialism per-se, although she may be perceived by the media differently. She is certainly more values oriented than she seems, despite her striving for recognition and "grace" in the eyes of other people. The thin, long hand indicates that she is prone to mood swings, and the relatively low mounts in the palm also indicate a low level of energy, which requires her to exercise in order to recharge herself energetically.

The outward image -

1. Outwardly, Meghan has the ability to achieve her goals, she is decisive and can adhere to her objectives. The upper right-hand joint of the thumb indicates that she has high willpower, the ability to take action, at least from the mental point of view. Because of her lack of energy, Meghan will have difficulties to handle long term projects without external help and support.

2. The Simian line in the middle of the right palm, which contains the headline and the heart line, indicates that she is very goal-oriented, and can enter into any character if she wants to. This line is found in many actors such as Robert De Niro.

3. The bulge in the thumb joint indicates that she has a good sense of rythm, and musical sense.

4. The relatively straight and long pink finger in the right hand shows that she has good expression, she says what she thinks and radiates self-confidence but it doesn't always reflect what she feels inside, as revealed by her left hand.

Megan Markel's Persona Profile -

5. Her index finger is thicker than the rest of the fingers, while at the same time the middle finger is slightly broken and thinner. Thickness of the index finger testifies on a syndrome called in psycho-diagnostic chirology "the Persona Profile." It is a situation in which the person makes his or her decisions according to his/her social expectations. She has a great presence, ambition, and will do anything to please and adapt to the mainstream of society. In addition, the middle finger which is slightly broken and not quite straight, and thin relative to the index finger, as in Meghan's case, indicates that she is not sufficiently connected to her inner self, and she tries to adjust to the figure she has built to succeed in life, in accordance with what is customary in society.

The persona profile is a syndrome created in a child as a result of a deficient parent experience. It could be because of a father who wasn't present enough in childhood or a father who was abusive one way or another. This willl also have an impact on how she will be as a mother - we can expect her to be a very dominant mother, who will not give her children enough space to develop autonomously and independently and be too domineering towards them.

What is the meaning of the rings Meghan wears in her fingers? In a number of photos published, Markel appears to be wearing rings, one on the thumb and one on the index finger of the right hand. What do the finger rings mean?

1. A ring in her thumb indicates that her confidence is something she works hard for. She needs to express her strength and accomplishments, and because she's not always confident of herself, the ring role is to strengthen her self-confidence.

2. The ring in the index finger indicates that she strives for recognition, to feel empowered, and to become a leader while overcoming insecurity.

Markel's behavior in the intimate circles -

1. Fragile soul – Meghan's left hand is different from the right. Her left-hand components indicate a much more fragile and insecure personality. The left pinky finger is folded inward in some pictures and is lower than in the right hand. This indicates that she is insecure and has a lower self-esteem than the one she tries to express externally. She has issues of lack of belonging and fear of abandonment, and is more fragile than people think. She has a desire to own her husband to ensure he stays with her and does not abandon her.

2. At home she expresses more affection and needs more love - In the left hand the heart line is separated from the head line, and it reaches to the bottom of the index finger. It teaches us that she is a sensitive woman, who needs love and care, who sees her husband as a knight on a white horse, and in this case, he is indeed a knight, lucky for her. Contrary to the image in the outside world, the inside is much more sensitive, gentle and in need of closeness, and it seems that this is what captured Harry's heart and not her image in the media.

3. At home, too, she likes to control - despite her sensitivity in intimate situations, her thick index finger also indicates that even at home she is the one who likes to set the tone and determine how things will go, but Harry seems willing to accept it because of the more gentle side she demonstrates, and because she interprets the role of the mother he didn't have.

4. She has a beautiful and clear line of destiny in her left hand that tells about a woman with a clear path, who knows how to succeed in life and has self-discipline and dedication to accomplish her goals.

5. Her creativity, expressed in a number of places in her hand, and also in the ring finger, indicates that she is good at a work that involves a great deal of emotion and intellect, such as acting or dancing. However, her creativity is lacking. It is not creativity that comes from her true inner self, but creativity that aims to please the environment and to gain status which makes her creativity superficial and lacking in depth.

6. In one of the pictures you can see on the internet, Meghan claps her with her two hands parallel and balanced together, as little children clap. When the palm clap is balanced (two parallel hands) this indicates more empathetic, sensitive and a bit childish nature.

In conclusion, we can say that Megan is a person who demonstrates strength, confidence and dedication to the cause, but is a fragile, unconnected woman with her deep emotion,n trying to make up for the lack of self-esteem by "conforming to the demands of the audience." For Harry, it is a connection that compensates for the loss of his mother at an early age, but there is "a fly in the ointment", or, in other words, there is a catch to it: on the one hand, she is dominant and leads Harry through the world instead of the mother he did not have, and also allows him emotional and physical closeness. At the same time, her emotional fluctuations, her inherent insecurity and detachment from her inner "self" can lead to long-term crises and instability.

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