Leonardo Daniel is passionate about Inspiring people and enable them to fulfill their full potential in their personal and professional life.

 Leonardo is an international motivational coach and speaker, management coach and author of the book "Mastering Change" and many articles that were published in the Israeli media.  He is the creator of the Rechange model for personal development and an expert in personality diagnosis through the science of Quirology.

Leonardo's passion lies in enabling people to achieve their full potential, fulfill their dreams and create the life they want to live.


Leonardo is a renown trainer, speaker and international coach. He works with multi-national companies to assess the compatibility of candidates for management roles by performing behavioural assessments using the science of Quirology. 

Leonardo works with middle management level directors to improve their management and interpersonal skills and he enables them to fulfill their full management capabilities and potential.


Using the RECHANGE model developed by him, Leonardo works with private customers to help them improve their self esteem, reduce anxiety and stress, become more focused and effective and define achievable goals using hands-on practical tools based on the sciences of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), motivational coaching, project management, Quirology, traditional coaching and more.


Leonardo has a B.A in political sciences, a master's and an advanced master’s degree in project management. He is a certified life and motivational coach, a NLP master practitioner and an international expert in personality diagnosis through the science of quirology.


He has 25 years of experience managing people in multi-cultural environments, 12 of which were spent in multi-national technology companies in Israel and Europe. Leonardo was born in Uruguay and he has lived in Israel, Spain and Holland.


Leonardo Daniel has a private coaching practice in Israel and has given lectures, seminars and trainings in Israel, Spain, Holland, Uruguay, Brazil, Czech Republic and more.


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