The Book

Mastering Change

Would like to leave the fear behind? Would like to know how to create within yourself this feeling of unconditional tranquility, focus, and ease? Would you like to be able to always become aligned with your dreams and true passions? 

If so, "Mastering Change" is the book for you!


The ability to master change is crucial for our emotional well-being, for achieving goals in life and for living with a sense of fulfillment.

In Mastering Change, Leonardo Daniel presents a clear process, a proven model and hands-on tools that will enable you to become a master of change and the creator of your own reality. This is the first book that combines the sciences of Motivational Coaching, NLP, Quirology, Project Management and brain Science into one comprehensive model.

 In Mastering Change, you will learn:

  • What is the curse of habits

  • The GPS of change and the 3 personal satellites

  • How the science of quirology and palmistry will tell you if you are able to cope with change

  • The 5 keys to mastering change

  • The 3 negative thought patterns that prevent people from making positive changes

  • 19 practical hands-on tools to become a master of change


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