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I am an international motivational coach and speaker, management coach and author of the book "Mastering Change".  I am the creator of the Rechange model for personal development and an expert in personality diagnosis through the science of Quirology.

My passion lies in enabling people to achieve their full potential, fulfill their dreams and create the life they want to live.


Our Services


For Companies

For companies we provide a variety of services intended to improve the business effectiveness and interpersonal relationships.

1. One on One coaching for middle level managers to improve their management skills.

2. Behavioural compatibility assessment for candidates to management roles.


3. Training and lectures for teams based on the RECHANGE model and the Mastering Change book, to improve goal settings, interpersonal relationships at work, communications, motivation, proactivity and effectiveness. 

4. "Talk like T.E.D" course for people that need to be excellent presenters and lecturers to improve business impact.

For Private Customers

For private customers we provide a variety of services focused to enable each one of them to achieve their full potential and fulfilment in life.

1. Career Consulting and Coaching. Accurate and inspiring analysis of your qualities, personality treats and professional capabilities. This consultancy will enable you to choose the right study path or career change.

2. One on One coaching to break any roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your dreams in life.

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